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One stitch at a time, and so a quilt grows. One word at a time, and so a story grows.

Theresa is a textile artist who uses new and repurposed materials to create unique quilts that examine and honour the experiences from which her story grows. Just as a quilt has pieces and a  book has chapters, so do the events in our lives tell our story from beginning to end. 

Theresa has been a storyteller all her life, with over 30 years experience as a public services librarian, serving communities throughout Canada and the United States. Many of those years were spent with children, creating, interpreting, and celebrating stories. Her work also involved providing programs for older adults, using creative arts activities to build community.

Starting in 2012, Theresa has explored quilting as a means of storytelling and healing. She has recently completed a certificate program in Expressive Arts Therapy, as a personal journey of discovery and as a foundation to begin sharing her story and her art with others.

A new chapter in her life has begun with her return to Winnipeg. Theresa looks forward to creating a life and an arts practice here that is authentic and meaningful to her and her life story, and which will enable her to contribute to her community.